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StylSmile Lighten Up!

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Smile whiter and wider than ever.

This amazing Teeth Whitening Home Kit produces fab results for you over the coming weeks and months. The StylSmile Lighten Up! Teeth Whitening Kit has a powerful sonic toothbrush with USB charger and hidden UV light which stimulates the scietnifically formulated toothpaste. The toothpaste can also be used in a similar way to teeth whitening gel in a tray as this kit also includes a tray with a UV light. This accelerates the active ingredients in the toothpaste making your teeth more than 3 shades lighter.

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The best teeth whitening kit with UV light

Lighten up….you know you want to!

We are currently restricted in visiting the dentist to have our teeth whitened. Remember it is against the law for anyone other than a dentist to provide teeth whitening. So what are our options? We could slowly watch our teeth turn yellow and stained through drinking too much tea, coffee and red wine, or eating too much takeaway food. Or, you could use Tom Pellereau’s latest invention, the STYLSMILE  Lighten Up! teeth whitening kit.

This is the only teeth whitening kit which combines three scientifically proven methods to whiten your teeth as well as keeping them fresh and healthy.

Everyone knows the value of using a sonic toothbrush and the StylSmile toothbrush is a great example of this. Vibrating at 32,000 vibrations per minute, it is amongst the most powerful on the market, leaving your teeth feeling as if you have just walked out from visiting the dentist. This sonic toothbrush also has a UV light in the brush head which activates and stimulates the toothpaste’s whitening process, called PAP (geeky note – this whitening ingredient is called is called Phthalimido- peroxy-hexanoic acid).

So that’s the brilliant sonic toothbrush with it’s UV light behind the bristles and a very clever toothpaste which interacts with the UV light. In this kit, we also supply a tray in which you can use the same toothpaste and UV light to create an even better result!



It’s as simple as that. It works very well. In fact, research shows that STYLSMILE works exceptionally well with 88% of users after 4 weeks. As an average across all tested users, teeth were between 3 and 5 shades lighter than previously. Some people reported 5 shades lighter after only 4 weeks.

Who can use this?

The toothpaste does not have peroxide which may harm your gums or cause on-going sensitivity. This means that anyone can use the STYLSMILE Teeth Whitening Kit. It was designed and produced by Tom Pellereau (winner of BBC’s The Apprentice) and supported by Lord Alan Sugar. Already, thousands of people are using this product to maintain a healthy white smile after visiting their dentist for professional teeth whitening. Others use this simply to make their teeth whiter by a few shades as teeth will naturally become more yellow over time (and with red wine, tea, coffee, curry, etc).

What is in the STYLSMILE Teeth Whitening kit?

This kit is amazing value for money. It contains  the sonic Toothbrush (including a USB charging cable) with 2  STYLSMILE replacement heads, the STYLSMILE UV light accelerator tray, and a  big tube of 75ml STYLSMILE Toothpaste and a big smiling picture of Tom Pellereau!

Go ahead, order now for immediate delivery. By this time next month, people will be remarking on your beautiful smile!

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