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Oranurse Toothpaste 1000

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If you have an aversion to foaming toothpaste, or toothpastes with a strong mint flavour, then try Oranurse Unflavoured Toothpaste 1000 for those with sensory triggers. It is an unflavoured and non foaming toothpaste with reduced fluoride levels (1000ppmF – suitable for 4+ year olds) that delivers a healthy clean that protects teeth and gums.

Oranurse also has a version with 1450 ppmF which is suited for adults.

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Oranurse Unflavoured Toothpaste 1000

Oranurse 1000 is an unflavoured toothpaste with a slightly reduced fluoride content (1000ppmF) for younger users. Its is SLS free so non foaming and does not contain lemonene. It comes in a 50ml tube.

Who should use OraNurse Toothpaste?

OraNurse is used by anyone with sensory issues. Because it is SLS free and is also unflavoured, it greatly assists those with autism, ASD, Asperger syndrome, Behcets, Kawasaki, Lichen Planus, Lupus and other sensory sufferers. This toothpaste also has  no sodium lauryl sulphate (foaming agent), but still has all the protection of 1000ppm fluoride. This toothpaste is scientifically designed for children aged 4+ and adults.

Burning mouth when using normal toothpaste?

Many people suffer from a burning mouth sensation in their mouths when brushing their teeth. This is most likely a reaction to the mint flavouring of the toothpaste being used, compounded by the foaming effect that standard toothpastes have. Great news, you no longer need to suffer in silence with burning mouth as OraNurse toothpaste has neither foam nor mint.

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1 review for Oranurse Toothpaste 1000

  1. Julie Mathers

    My kids won’t use anything else. Both are autistic. Great service and support, thanks again. I recommend you to all our friends so should get a massive discount next order! 😜

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