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Dentemp Tooth Repair Kit

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Lost a filling or crown? Dentemp Tooth Repair Kit is the world’s best selling dental repair product. It is easy to use and gives instant pain relief to exposed nerves. This is the type of products you should have sitting in your medicine cabinet for future use. Order now for immediate delivery.


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Emergency tooth repair kit

Although dental clinics are back open now, it is really difficult to get an appointment if your filling has fallen out or your crown or veneer has worked itself loose. It is very easy to use…you don’t need to be a qualified dentist to repair your tooth. There are more than 10 applications in each pack so it is real value for money.

Cracked tooth or lost filling?

You must follow the instructions on the packet as these are tried and proven steps to get the best results. However, the steps are really simple and easy to follow. Firstly, you should use a good mouthwash to rinse out your mouth, even if this gives a bit of sensitivity. Secondly, the tooth you are going to apply Dentemp to needs to be totally dry. You can even use a hairdryer on warm setting to help you. Thirdly, apply the temporary filling mixture to the problem tooth with the spatula provided. Nearly done. Finally, leave it to set for a few moments. You can test this by gently applying pressure from your opposing tooth. This will also help with shaping of the temporary filling.

Repair your loose crown or cap

Repairing a loose crown, cap or veneer with Dentemp is even easier than repairing a lost filling. Follow the same steps as with a filling with the addition of placing your cap, crown or filling in place while the dental cement is still soft and pliable. Gently bite down on your replaced crown or cap and that will softly push it into place. Veneers are slightly more fragile, so take great care when placing them. A temporary filling should last anything from 10 days to 3 months.

The next step with Dentemp

You should make an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can. Let them know that you purchased the Dentemp material from us and he/she will happily and easily remove it. They will probably replace your temporary filling with a similar, but harder wearing material that will last much longer.

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2 reviews for Dentemp Tooth Repair Kit

  1. Defacto Support

    Great value for money and the product really works.

  2. Marlene

    Life saver Everyone should have this in there medicine cabinet

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