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Appointment with Online Hygienist

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After years of working in dentistry I’ve seen it all and I understand your fears and frustrations, and I love to help people just like you.

I am Sarah-Joy Lendon, a Dental Therapist, Dental Hygienist, Oral Health Educator, previously a Dental Nurse and now, The Virtual Hygienist.

I have been in dentistry for over 25years and in that time have worked in many different dental settings, from high end Harley Street practices, to Community Dental and the Prison Service, and it really doesn’t matter where I work as the problems are always the same, and my patients always make the same comments… ‘but why has nobody told me this before?’


Online Dental Consultation

Book an appointment with our Online Hygienist at a time that suits you.

Are you desperately trying to care for your teeth and gums but nothing seems to work? You clean your teeth every day, twice a day but still you end up being told you need to do better?

Are you terrified of seeing the dentist as you know there are problems with your teeth and gums but you just don’t know how to make things better?

Perhaps you simply can’t get an appointment with your dentist and are worried about the health of your teeth and gums getting worse?

Or maybe you have an appointment booked but it’s not as soon as you’d hoped and you want to know how to care for your mouth in between appointments.

Do you worry about seeing the dentist as you know they’re going to tell you off or nag you about cleaning better when you know you’re trying your best already?

Or perhaps you worry that you’re going to need lots of work doing on your teeth and you hate the sound of the drill, keeping your mouth open for sooo long and that awful numb feeling that seems to last for ages after an appointment.

Or maybe you’re simply worried about how much all this dental treatment is going to cost?

Let’s have a chat online at a time that suits you. Make your appointment directly after completing the purchase.

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Online Appointment

Book you appointment with our virtual hygienist for a time that suits you.

1 review for Appointment with Online Hygienist

  1. Laura Jenkinson

    Am scared of the dentist, really scared. Not been for years but I know my teeth are bad. I thought that this woman can’t do me any harm cos it’s virtual and not face to face. So I booked an appointment and got one late evening. She is so calming I wish she was my real dentist. Identified my problems and talked me through what I needed to do. Dead simple and not embarrassing at all. Wish I’d known about this sooner. The best 45 minutes I’ve had in years!

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