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mike gow hypnosis

Clenched fist/coloured breathing- Learn how to get rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings using these quick and simple techniques.

Deep Relaxation- Experience the physical and mental deep relaxation of techniques such as the ‘Space Exercise’ to help reduce stress, achieve refreshing sleep.

Anchoring- Learn how to quickly access positive thoughts and feelings. Learn how to tap into this mindset to help you feel more CALM, in CONTROL, more CONFIDENT and better able to COPE. The ability to do this will then be literally at your fingertips at any time, wherever you are.

Guided Mountain Journey- In this journey you will be led through a beautiful meadow and forest glade onto a mountain trail. During this metaphoric journey, you will overcome difficulties and enjoy the success of reaching the top of the mountain with it’s beautiful views and fresh, clean air. This metaphor is designed to help you overcome difficulties and stress by allowing your subconscious mind to find different solutions to the obstacles you face in your day to day life.

Sleep– If you have not fallen asleep yet during the session, it culminates with a specific section in order to help you do so. The intent of the recording is that you will fall asleep at the end. Set an alarm for 90 minutes from the start if you need to be awake at the end!

Dr Mike Gow MFDS RCPS (Gla) BDS (Gla) MSc Hyp (Lon) PGCert (Edin)
Mike Gow is a dentist at The Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. He graduated from The University of Glasgow’s Dental School and gained his Masters in Hypnosis from The University College London, having completed his dissertation on the topic of hypnosis in managing sleep bruxism. He has a Postgraduate Certificate in the Management of Dental Anxiety from the University of Edinburgh. Mike has been the President of The British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis (Scotland) and is the founder of The International Society of Dental Anxiety Management. Mike has also trained in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and took a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy module at Kings College London. Mike has demonstrated hypnosis on TV, appearing in More4’s ‘Hypnosurgery Live’, BBC3’s ‘Exposed…persauders’, BBC2’s ‘Alternative Therapies’ and BBC2’s ‘Horizon’ documentaries as well as having several live radio interviews.

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