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Managing your patient’s oral healthcare just got easier!

- Stop giving away your profit to third parties!

- Dentists are now unlocking the hidden profit in their patient base!

  • increased revenue

    Unlock the Profit

    Earn up to 10% on all product sales - FOREVER!

  • dropshipping

    No Stock Shrinkage

    No more damaged, gifted stolen or expired stock

  • capital investment

    Simple Setup

    No up-front investment required.. Start today!

What do we offer?

Your Dentist Recommends is an e-commerce platform and fulfillment service for Dentists. Dentists recommend products to their patients based on their healthcare requirements and we dispatch the products direct to them on your behalf. Let them purchase through your dental clinic's website. The best part is you get 10% commission on all sales, not a third party online retailer.

To keep it simple, we have created the following 3 minute video to provide a more in depth review of our services.

How does it work?

It could not be simpler! We facilitate dentists  to recommend products to their patients through their own clinic's website. We then ship the products to the patients on your behalf, with the dentist receiving a 20% commission on every sale without holding any stock. Check out the process below!

  • dentist recommends

    Dentist Recommends

  • emailed to patient

    Emailed to patient

  • patient purchaces

    Patient Purchases

  • we deliver

    We deliver

  • You earn 10%

Why Choose Us?

  • Leading Dentistry brands only

    Providing your patients with access to an inventory of recognized leading global brands.

  • Hassle Free Revenue Stream

    Dentists receive 10% lifetime commission on product sales (including follow up & repeat sales). Unlock the profit!

  • Your Clinics branding included!

    All communications to patients come with your clinics branding. This includes invoices and dispatch notes to patients.

  • Priority listing means more patients
  • Self manage review system + social media sharing
  • Appointment enquiries and link to your video consultations
  • On-page SEO and social media boosting
  • Page management from our support team
  • Performance reports online
  • Affiliate commission on every sale
  • Priority delivery to your patients
  • Our e-commerce platform on your website
  • First exposure to special offers on social media


No risk, only profit!

Free to use

£0 totally free

  • Receive 10% commission on all your sales from
  • If your patient buys again directly, you still earn commission
  • No limit on volume of guest baskets sent to your patients
  • Shop Now link on your page
  • Shop Now link from your own website
  • Appointment booking from your page
  • Google Maps positioning on your page

Simply Signup and start earning today!

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